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When children are involved in a divorce, one of the main priorities of the Court and the parties involved is to make sure that children are provided for financially. The Missouri child support system is designed to serve the best interests of the child or children involved and to protect the rights of the parents by determining an appropriate level of support. Navigating this system requires the assistance of an experienced family law attorney.

At the law firm of Farrell & Martin, our lawyers will work to ensure the appropriate amount of support to meet the needs of the children. Our firm also works with mothers and fathers in paternity disputes. In each case, it is our goal to protect the rights and best interests of our clients.

If your child’s needs and your financial situation change, the child support amount may need to be modified. At Farrell & Martin, we assist clients with the post judgment modification of support and custody orders. Contact us today at 636-397-2600.
Child Support in Missouri

In Missouri, child support is determined using Form 14. Form 14 uses a formula to calculate appropriate child support. The court will use this calculation during divorce, modification, and paternity proceedings. The formula is fairly straightforward. It does, however, depend upon variables that must be properly valued in order to reach an accurate child support amount.

These variables include:

  • Each spouse’s monthly income
  • Health insurance and day care costs
  • Visitation and custody rights
  • Earning capacity of each spouse
  • Federal tax credits for the residential custodian of the child

In addition, our firm can help clients with the enforcement of child support orders, including contempt motions and wage assignments.


At Farrell & Martin, we also assist clients in determining paternity. We represent fathers who are looking for visitation and custody rights as well as mothers who are seeking child support. Determining the paternity of a child will have profound implications on the life of your child. Having an experienced attorney on your side is extremely important.

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Whether you are concerned about your children getting the appropriate amount of child support or you wish to bring a paternity action, having an experienced advocate on your side will help you improve your chances of getting a successful resolution.

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